We asked Insiders about the White House’s newly released college data on student debt and attendance cost.„ Read more

Last weekend, the White House released new data on student debt and attendance cost for more than 7,000 higher ed institutions. This data feeds into a new tool, the College Scorecard, that students and families can use to compare institutions by information like on-time graduation rates, school size, and salary after graduating.

We asked Education Insiders in a flash survey about the new Scorecard:

  • 52% of Insiders believe that the data from the College Scorecard will disrupt the existing rankings marketplace.
  • 76% of Insiders think that it is appropriate for the federal government to measure the outcomes of colleges based on the differences in their graduates’ earnings.
  • 76% of Insiders think that the data in the College Scorecard should include all graduates, rather than only those who receive federal financial aid.
  • 38% of Insiders see the Scorecard as a win for higher education consumers.„