Julia Pasette-Seamon

Senior Associate

A former W/A fellow, Julia’s passion – and portfolio –  spans college access and completion to skills-based hiring and workforce development. 

Are you a Whiteboard Notes reader? You’ve no doubt encountered Julia’s editorial work, which includes four weekly newsletters featuring the latest education trends, policy changes, and industry news and Whiteboard Advisors Insights.

Prior to joining our team, Julia served as Communications and Curiosity Specialist at the Science Museum of Virginia and worked within the Richmond Public Schools system, where she developed a commitment to issues of equity and access that continue to inform her work today.

A graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University, Julia lives in Richmond, Virginia with her husband and two cats, Pepperpot and Mithai. In her free time, Julia enjoys playing TTRPGs and social deduction games, going to post-hardcore concerts, and collecting vintage corningware.

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