As we turn to the new year, W/A’s Queenstar Akrong sat down with Time 100 Most Influential People and former President Emeritus of UMBC Dr. Freeman Hrabowski, whose words provide space for reflection and a grounding in what matters most: creating a better future for our students. 

“What you do this day will have an impact on children that have yet to be born.

Tomorrow can be better than today, but only if we are part of the solution.”

His advice?

➡️Set high expectations for your students, and for yourself as an educator.

➡️Teach your students to be thick-skinned. Constructive criticism only helps them improve. 

➡️Teach your students what it means to be human

Renowned for his role in transforming UMBC from a commuter college into a diverse hub for STEM learning, Dr. Hrabowski calls on educators and higher education leaders to rethink traditional approaches to teaching and learning and innovate in ways that not only serve students today, but students of the future.