The House Education and Workforce Committee marked up nine bills on Thursday, tackling issues from antisemitism to the rights of college athletes. The most contentious measure aimed to block the Biden Administration’s new Title IX regulations. [Inside Higher EdPolitico Pro, subscription model]

What’s new

  • Title IX Rollback: In a 24-16 party-line vote, Republicans advanced a resolution to overturn the Biden administration’s expanded protections under Title IX. Several states have already challenged the new rules, which are set to take effect in August.
  • Antisemitism Education: The committee unanimously approved the Never Again Education Reauthorization and Study Act to support Holocaust education and study antisemitism in schools. Another bipartisan bill, the Truth and Healing Commission on Indian Boarding School Policies Act, also passed.
  • College Athletes’ Rights: A bill to prevent student-athletes from being classified as employees with the goal of blocking their right to unionize, was approved in a 23-16 vote. This comes amid broader debates over student-athlete compensation and labor rights.
  • Foreign Influence in Schools: The panel approved three bills (The TRACE ActThe PROTECT Our Kids Act, and The CLASS Act) targeting foreign influence in K-12 schools after the Princeton Review was quietly sold to a Chinese private-equity firm, raising questions about potential threats to national security. [The Wall Street Journal, subscription model]

What’s next: The Title IX resolution faces an uncertain future in the Senate and a likely presidential veto. Meanwhile, the bills on antisemitism and Indigenous education await further legislative action.