In spring 2020, MIT’s David Autor characterized the pandemic as an “automation forcing event” that would reshape the future of the U.S. economy. Two and a half years later, we’re still in the midst of a labor market transformation, with unemployment hovering near record lows on the brink of what economists have dubbed the first full-employment recession.

So what’s really happening? What’s driving trends (or so-called trends) like the great reshuffling or quiet quitting? What’s keeping workers in some of the country’s biggest industries from returning to work? And how might shifts in policy – and politics – shape our economic recovery in the coming months?

Lydia, Kristina, Secretary Harris, and Dr. Autor explore the trends, shifts, and challenges of the labor market today. Following their conversation, a panel of workforce analysts and talent development experts react to the discussion and share insights and perspectives from their work on the ground and in the field.