Research shows that 80% of open jobs are filled through networking– a dynamic that has long exacerbated economic immobility for those without personal connections or elite alumni networks. But as employers and educators alike are rethinking how they prepare and recruit our next generation of talent, the rise of social technologies are providing promising pathways for people without built-in networks to build the know-how and relationships needed to succeed in the modern workplace.

On August 18, we hosted a discussion on the future of virtual networking and its implications for the career development of today’s diverse workforce.


  • Julia Freeland Fisher, Director of Education, Christensen Institute
  • Ruben Harris, CEO and Founder, Career Karma
  • Christine Cruzvergara, Chief Education Strategy Officer, Handshake
  • Hannah Lee, Director, Cognizant Foundation
  • Jenna Talbot, Senior Vice President, Whiteboard Advisors (Moderator)