In 2012, we started sending weekly “Notes” to clients and friends to help them keep pace with the latest education policy news, research, and trends that our team was following. 

That first distribution list included a whopping 232 readers.

In the decade since, our little ‘friends and family’ newsletter has become a staple for education policy and industry leaders nationwide.

Today, “Whiteboard Notes” and its sister publications – focused on higher education, talent and workforce trends, and K-12 news – reach more than 25,000 readers every week.

We’re proud that our readers include not just educators and investors, but state and district school superintendents, college presidents, and grantmakers nationwide. Their feedback and encouragement helps to inform our coverage each week. But their readership also helps to get the word out about big ideas, issues, and organizations that are making an impact.

So who’s actually reading Notes? This year, we conducted our first annual reader survey with the goal of learning more. 

By the numbers:

  • K-12, higher education, and workforce practitioners comprise (19.5%) of our readership.
  •  Federal, state and local policymakers make-up 4.2%
  • More than one-third of our regular readers are education product or service providers (37%). 
  • Private equity and venture investors make up 5.4%.
  • Nearly 17% of our readers sit within education associations or policy advocacy groups (16.9%). 
  • 6.3% are grantmakers and philanthropies that play such a significant role across the education and workforce landscape.
  • Researchers make-up 7.2% of our readership.

Also of note: The readership of Boundless Potential, our Colorado-specific newsletter, is especially unique. Edited by Alison Griffin and the W/A Colorado team, it is tailored to the interests of the region’s educational experts, legislators, and practitioners. 

We haven’t surveyed the readership of “What We’re Reading: New Skills, Talent and Development” yet, but know from the list that it is most popular among workforce leaders,  as well as corporate HR and talent development executives.

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