“It happened in prison where I read over a thousand books and became intimate with the conversations and thought leadership of some of the greatest minds that ever existed on this planet. It was a way for me to be free and exercise freedom.”

Criminal justice reform and literacy are core areas of focus for the team at Whiteboard Advisors. In this interview with our friend and collaborator, Ken Oliver, those issues collide.

Ken spent nearly 24 years in prison for joy riding – including eight in solitary confinement for reading the “wrong book.”

We’re proud to help share Ken’s journey from incarceration to the head of fair chance hiring initiatives as a VP at Checkr and the Executive Director of the Checkr Foundation. It’s a story about the power of literacy and the importance of second chances.

Excited to share powerful stories about literacy – and the vast potential of Americans’ with records – through our work in support of the Right to Read film and Roadtrip Nation’s Being Free documentary, coming this fall.