Whiteboard Advisors (W/A), a strategic communications and consulting agency, today announced the launch of a new practice focused on the future of talent, lifelong learning, and workplace wellness. Dawn Baron, who previously served as Vice President of Marketing at the Association for Talent Development (ATD) will join W/A as a Senior Advisor where she will advise enterprise clients on corporate learning and talent solutions. The firm, which develops breakthrough communications and marketing strategies for companies serving the talent and employment space, currently works with innovators such as LinkedIn Learning, General Assembly, Credly, and CorpU.

“I have had the privilege of working with Dawn while Chairman of the Board at ATD and then as Chief Learning Officer at Hilton. Dawn has been a partner in my ventures and efforts to evangelize a new vision for transforming the way we think about talent development and learning,” said  Kimo Kippen, former VP of Global Workforce Initiatives at Hilton. “Her insight, creativity, attitude, network, and passion have helped me, organizationally and personally, create great opportunities for our Team Members and the profession.”

Baron brings deep expertise in strategic marketing, experience with conferences and events, content development, and strategic planning to companies looking to enter and grow in the corporate talent arena. Prior to ATD, Baron worked with state education officials and the University of Maryland Center for Quality and Productivity on learning and development initiatives and served as a corporate strategist for the American Red Cross.

“I am motivated to help the individuals and organizations that are shaping the future of talent and corporate learning,” said Dawn Baron, Senior Advisor at Whiteboard Advisors. “Whiteboard Advisors is working with entrepreneurs at the leading edge of the ‘future of work.’ I’m eager to help them create more opportunities for our future workforce and greater satisfaction and productive in the workplace.”

With offices in Washington, D.C. and San Francisco, Whiteboard Advisors is uniquely positioned as the go-to firm for technology companies, investors, and innovative nonprofits seeking to bring new ideas to market in workforce development, corporate learning, and talent development.

“The short shelf life of skills, and rapid shifts in the world of work are driving news headlines every day. Journalists are paying close attention to collaborations between entrepreneurs and employers working to address skill- and equity-gaps by developing talent as the labor market tightens,” said Jenna Schuette Talbot, who leads Whiteboard Advisors’ strategic communications practice. “We’re excited to bring Dawn’s seasoned perspective on today’s shifts in the world of work and deep marketing expertise to bear on our partnerships with clients that are shaping the way we learn, work, and live.”

Baron joins Whiteboard Advisors’ current senior advisors, including U.S. News columnist and former White House Domestic Policy Advisor Andrew J. Rotherham, best-selling author and Washington Post columnist Jeff Selingo, and former North Carolina Governor Beverly Perdue.

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