We’re thrilled to announce that Seth D. Harris has re-joined Whiteboard Advisors as a senior advisor. Secretary Harris, who previously served as acting and deputy labor secretary during the Obama administration, recently served as Deputy Assistant to President Biden on labor, economic, and workforce issues. An attorney and champion for workers with an abiding commitment to furthering economic mobility, Secretary Harris brings valued insights to W/A clients navigating the intersection of workforce policy, practice, and innovation.

Beyond W/A, Secretary Harris is a Distinguished Professor of Practice at Northeastern University and a Senior Fellow at the Burnes Center for Social Change.

When he first joined the W/A team in the fall of 2019, we already knew that unprecedented uncertainty loomed over the global economy. Secretary Harris’ experience and wisdom helped us articulate some of the challenges being faced both in the U.S. and around the world, through projects like our white paper, “Putting the Future of Work in a Global Context.” Of course, we had no idea what awaited us just a few months later.

Today, the country is continuing to chart a course back from the turmoil of the pandemic. Policymakers and business leaders alike are paying renewed attention to the systemic inequities that still plague our economy. As state leaders continue to remove degree requirements from job descriptions and the federal government makes historic investments in infrastructure and manufacturing, the months ahead will bring new opportunities and challenges across the economic landscape. Against that backdrop, his unique perspective and support are more important than ever.