Matt Tower

Vice President

Matt spends his time studying the intersection of business and education. He is the Editor of The EdSheet, a Whiteboard Media newsletter covering the same topic, and supports Whiteboard’s Strategy and Research practices.
Matt joined Whiteboard via Whiteboard’s acquisition of ETCH, a company he founded to provide news and information to education industry investors and company leaders. Prior to working on ETCH, Matt spent 10 years in the education industry as a product manager and venture capitalist.
Matt received a B.A. in History from Amherst College, with a concentration on the geopolitics of natural resources. While at Amherst, Matt owned and operated a consignment bookstore, painted houses, tended bar, and taught skiing and snowboarding. He now lives in San Francisco with his wife and son. If not reading at his desk, he can often be found running on a soccer field or floating on a surfboard.

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