Yesterday marked the end of the “real” school year for my children. Exams started today. So summer break is upon us (in Alabama, at least).

With both kids in camp for a portion of the “break,” summer affords some more time to catch up on reading. So, I asked a handful of people that I admire what they’re reading.

Here’s what they had to say:

  • Guild founder and one of my personal heroes, Rachel Romer, directed me to The Storm Before the Calm. “It’s the perfect read for the election year, putting the current moment in the context of history.”
  • Katy Knight, who leads the Siegel Family Endowment, plans to read Jonathan Haidt’s The Anxious Generation, which is certainly catching the attention of parents – and columnists – these days.
  • Jeb Bush recommended Bad Therapy by Abigail Shriver, which has drawn no shortage of criticism and been on my list for some time.
  • Former U.S. Labor Secretary and W/A Sr. Advisor, Seth Harris, suggested Cormac McCarthy’s last book, The Passenger, which he found “enjoyable – and unpredictable.”
  • Former Massachusetts governor and EAW President Jane Swift enjoyed The House in the Pines, which is set in the Berkshires, where she runs a farm that rescues and rehomes farm animals.
  • Tim Knowles, president of the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching, has been captivated by I Contain Multitudes, a book about microbes by The Atlantic’s Ed Yong.

If you’re a close reader of Notes, you’ve seen me reference The Scout Mindset by Julia Galef before. The W/A team is also anxiously awaiting Math Mind by Shalinee Sharma, CEO and cofounder of Zearn.

What’s on your reading list? Let us know.

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