In this Education Insider, we touch on a wide variety of K-12 and higher education issues including ESEA and HEA reauthorization, testing opt-out, Title IV funding, and student debt.

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In our Education Insider Back-To-School edition, we touch on a wide variety of K-12 and higher education issues. As Congress returns to session and prepares for an ESEA conference, we asked Insiders about the prospects for both ESEA and HEA reauthorization. And, in advance of the second Republican presidential debate, Insiders give their thoughts on which higher education proposals/ideas are most likely to get traction among the campaigns.

Insiders also weigh in on the impact of the testing opt-out movement on policy, what‰’s next for student debt, the chances of non-accredited postsecondary providers gaining access to Title IV, and likely elements of the next HEA proposal.

Check out the full survey here. Among the highlights:

  • Testing Op-Out: 62% of Insiders believe the testing opt-out movement presents a significant challenge to assessing student and school performance; 70% believe that opt-out will impact state assessment policy.
  • ESEA: Most Insiders now believe that ESEA will be reauthorized by July 2016; just 30% believe that ESEA will be reauthorized by December 2015.
  • HEA: Insiders show more consensus about the timing of HEA reauthorization‰– 77% believe that it will only be reauthorized after President Obama leaves office.
  • Title IV: More than 60% believe it is unlikely that non-accredited education providers will gain access to Title IV funds any time soon.
  • Campaigns: Insiders anticipate that reduced debt/improved income repayment plans and innovation within higher ed will likely gain some traction on the campaign trail.

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