I’m thrilled to announce that Jason Wang will be joining Whiteboard Advisors as a Senior Advisor, as we continue to build what we’re calling our Fair Chance and Opportunity Practice.

At the age of 15, Jason was given a 12-year sentence at a maximum security prison in Texas. He wound up serving three years and though he earned two master’s degrees upon release, his record still got in the way of his career aspirations.

But he didn’t stop there. Jason started a nonprofit called FreeWorld that’s changing the game for people with a record while enabling employers to tap their vast skills, talent and aspirations.

By creating pathways into high-paying, in-demand careers, FreeWorld is already chipping away at not just the cycle of recidivism, but generational poverty.

I’m immeasurably grateful for the chance to collaborate with Jason more closely. He’s someone that energizes and inspires me as do colleagues like the irrepressible Ashley Gaddis and Carlos Ignacio Zavala who are so instrumental to this work

As a Senior Advisor, Jason will bring experience and expertise to help our team get smarter faster, avoid mistakes, and ensure that our efforts at every step, reflect core values of humility, respect, and a deep appreciation of the historic context that impacts the organizations and issues we’re working on.

Over time, I’m hopeful that our team can replicate the work we’ve done in service of education and workforce clients with organizations that are making an impact on issues like criminal justice reform and reentry